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Sculpting a new baby, this one is named "Hope"

Starting out as before, with the form covered with about 1/8 inch of clay--I'll be adding probably at least another 1/4 to 1/2 inch to various places on the face and head.

The forms shrink when you bake them down to about 25% original size.  Remember to build enough clay on your sculpts so that the remaining "shell" is strong enough.

building up rough features

Checking eye placement.  remember there is one eye's width across the bridge of the nose.

I stole these Pabol brand eyes from an Ashton Drake Emily doll.  They are high quality newborn eyes. 

Important point - make certain the eyes you use can be subjected to temperatures of 275*F for a prolonged period of time.  There is nothing worse than pulling your baked sculpt out of the oven and having the eyes melt or warp.  Also some eyes will separate the cornea from the iris, leaving strange shiny spots inside the eyes. 

Secrist & Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes, Silicone Masterpiece Eyes and Glass eyes are the only ones I have used that did not warp or melt.

getting them both pointing in the same direction and staying put is a challenge.

checking alignment still, pushing clay in around the eyes to stabilize

geez, I look like Jeff Gordon, heehee!

moving on, adding upper and lower lids

adding those fat rolls beneath each eye

now I've done a lot of smoothing and beginning the details

making sure my forehead and skull shapes are accurate

I notice that the face seemed a little flat, so I've added some more fat to each cheek and a bit above each browbone, too



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