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Lesson 1 - Sculpting "Michael"

Lesson 2 - Finishing Touches "Michael"

Lesson 3 - Sculpting "Hope"

Lesson 4 - Full Sized Arms and Legs

Lesson 5 - Sculpting a Mini Baby

Lesson 6 - Larger Mini "Emily"

Lesson 7 - Making a Sock Body

Lesson 8 - Applying Hair


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Sculpting Tutorial Page Two - Finishing Michael

I've added a bit more clay to the upper lip

....Also to the chin

forming the chin and lower lip

time for some major smoothing!

now, to work on the nose a bit.  you need something smooth and rounded for this.  I found a crochet hook does a nice job.

adding some fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes-these are important details that add character and realism to your sculpted baby.

While doing this I realize that the outside edge of the nostrils doesn't line up with the inside corners of the eyes - yikes!!

He needed a bit more clay in the inside corners of both eyes, (too much white showing) so I added a tiny wedge there and sculpted it in.

this little divot above the lip we call the 'angel's touch'

I like this mouth, but it seems to be a bit somber in expression

Here I opened Michael's mouth a bit, I like this better

Michael is done!

Into the oven with you, young man!

I use a regular metal baking sheet and a nice fat pad of polyester quilt batting.  I also make sure to create a small indentation to hold the head in this position during baking, so it doesn't rock over to one side or down on the neck.

I always place the sculpt into a cool oven and then turn it on to baking temperature. I already know what to set the oven dial on to reach exactly 275*F because I always use an oven thermometer.  

I will also take at least one quick peek during the baking process to make sure my thermometer is still reading the correct temp.  Michael will bake for a total of 45 minutes and then I will turn off the oven and leave the door closed.  

I won't take this head out until the oven has become warm enough that I can touch the head comfortably.

Here is Michael, blushed with oil paints, hair & eyelashes added, and lips glossed with acrylic sealer

I've done many sculpts since Michael, but you know, he's still one of my favorites.

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