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Lesson 1 - Sculpting "Michael"

Lesson 2 - Finishing Touches "Michael"

Lesson 3 - Sculpting "Hope"

Lesson 4 - Full Sized Arms and Legs

Lesson 5 - Sculpting a Mini Baby

Lesson 6 - Larger Mini "Emily"

Lesson 7 - Making a Sock Body

Lesson 8 - Applying Hair


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Welcome to Sculpting a Mini OOAK Baby

Here is the foil body form, the head which I put on a Q-tip stick for easy handling, and some clay.  This mini was made with FIMO.

The finished size is only about 4 inches long, so the only armature I'm going to use is for the torso & a small ball for the head.  The limbs are solid clay.

using an acrylic roller to roll out some flat pieces for the body

build up small thickness of clay on the body until you have the plumpness you desire.

This very cool little tool is a LaCrosse comedone extractor!  You can usually find them on Ebay, and Canadians drugstores carry them more than American ones do, I've been told :-)  My good friend Sherry Rawn of Sculpty's Babies sent this one to me.

You'll find all sorts of tools around the house for sculpting mini dolls.  I use my exacto blade for a lot of things.

Here I'm using a Crewel Embroidery needle to make details on the hands.

The eye end of the needle makes great little nails!

This tool is my Kemper Wipe-Out tool.  I use it for a lot of things, but making creases, fat rolls and wrinkles is easy with it.

Starting on the Head and Face Now:

Be sure to map out the places on the face, referring to the proper proportions for the age child you are making.

Add little rolls and balls of clay to fill out fat padding as you go along.

adding more fat pads as needed

I use a cut-off cotton swab and insert about 1/2 inch up into the head.  This makes a good handle while you're sculpting, and it will give you a support for the neck when you attach it to the body.

Time to attach the head to the body

Make a hole with a sharp object (I use a sewing awl) into the neck and insert the cotton swab stick into the hole.  Press down gently until the head is seated properly on the shoulders.  Babies often don't have much neck showing.

Now smooth the neck clay up and form a small neck with tiny rolls.

Adding enough clay to hide the arm attachment and make a nice soft little shoulder.

Baked and colored, no hair yet.

Next is another Mini, slightly larger using a small foil armature

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