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Lesson 1 - Sculpting "Michael"

Lesson 2 - Finishing Touches "Michael"

Lesson 3 - Sculpting "Hope"

Lesson 4 - Full Sized Arms and Legs

Lesson 5 - Sculpting a Mini Baby

Lesson 6 - Larger Mini "Emily"

Lesson 7 - Making a Sock Body

Lesson 8 - Applying Hair


Sculpting 8 inch Mini with foil armature

I started with a ball of foil a bit smaller than a ping pong ball, and covered with with clay.  I'm using Prosculpt Flesh.

Here I've mapped out where the eyes nose and mouth will go in relation to each other and the midline of the head.  

For more info on mapping and proportions, go here

Here you can see the tape over the foil which is inside the clay head.  You need to make sure your eyes are firmly seated on the armature and do not wiggle or migrate around as you sculpt.

remember that our ratio for eye placement is one eye width between the eyes at the bridge of the nose

add your rough features in now

smoothing, looking for low spots to add tiny pads of clay to


starting to sculpt some details around the eyes.  This tool I'm using is called a Paint Shaper.  There are Paint Shapers and Clay Shapers.  Here is a link: Clay Shapers

adding those nice fat rolls and cheeks

making sure my head shape is correct

detailing chin

detailing lips

After a bit more smoothing and adding, our baby is nearly finished

All done - am I not CUTE??

Next we have to build armature for the body

leg and arm armatures are nothing more than pieces of tightly twisted foil.  No tape is needed but you could use it if you prefer.


Arm.  The folded over end is the shoulder end

Wrapping the torso armature with clay

Here's the body, mostly finished

Now, on to the limbs

Forming the foot - hands are done about the same way.

I'm often asked how I decide what size to make the arms and legs.  Well, I start with a head and then I refer to these pages for the correct relative proportions:  Click Here

As you see in a lot of photos, a large embroidery needle is a great mini sculpting tool.  Here the eye end carves nice nails on a tiny finger or toe.

Here's our finished baby (with a bit of paint and hair)

All dressed up and ready to go home!

Well, that's it for the HunnyBuns Sculpting Tutorials.

If you have any critiques, feedback or suggestions, please feel free to email me.

Thanks for visiting, hope this has been a help to you.

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